5 Reasons to Build another Color Picker


We created another Color Tool.  Why?

A simple Google search returns dozens of popular tools. Most of them are perfectly useful. One of my favorites is Color Scheme Designer.

So why build another one?

Well, because we’re anal.  We wanted 5 things that other tools didn’t have:

1)  All the color schemes in 1 screen.

No clicking around to change schemes.  We wanted to see everything associated with a given color without switching views.


2)  Easily copy and paste colors in hex notation.

The process of web development goes something like this:

  1. Inspect an element on your page.
  2. Select its background style using the Chrome Devtools.
  3. Paste in a new hex code for the color.

It needs to be as easy as possible to copy that hex code.  So we provided one click to select the entire text of any color on the screen.

  • No hidden menus that popup.
  • No double clicking only to leave out the all important # character.

One click and you have your color.


3)  Easily switch the base color.

One of our biggest complaints about other tools was the need to copy and paste colors into the base color input.  With this, you click any color bar, and everything updates.  Bam.

Click around as much as you like to quickly try out colors.

4)  Find new, pleasing colors when you’re stuck.

Do you ever feel lost when looking for the perfect color for part of a new page?  We do all the time.  The sample palette gives you a few pleasing suggestions, and you can click the refresh button to get more.  Click any color to try it out.


5)  Do you like the color you’re using, you just wish it were a little bit lighter or darker?

We put a huge focus on colors with slightly different shades, tones, and tints, as well as colors that are adjacent on the color wheel.  After all, they’re usually the colors that look the best.


Enjoy!  Let us know about any problems or suggestions below.

Photo Credit: Capture Queen;