Tools I use Part II: Mac OS X, Macbook Pro, Iterm 2


I develop exclusively on Mac OS X. I used to be a Linux devotee, but I got tired of having to change configuration files every time I plugged in a new external monitor and having to Google every time a package didn’t work.

Macs have plenty of problems, especially recently, but the fact that they “just work” is generally still true.

Chromebooks might be the only Linux machines that come close (I own one), but they don’t usually pack enough punch for serious development.

I love the mobility of a laptop, and the Macbooks give you insane battery life in a compact package. They’re also durable – I’ve dumped a full beer into the keyboard tray with a macbook fully powered, and I was still able to use that machine for another 2 years.

What’s more, Macbooks turn into full blown desktops when you get home. I routinely use a 30″ external monitor, an external mouse and keyboard when I’m working.

I use the 13″ Macbook pro. The Air was too weak, which actually matters when you spin up virtual machines on a regular basis like I do.

The big advantage to the 15″ machines is they have a standalone graphics processor, which is great for games, but I didn’t want the added bulk that came with it.

I dual boot Windows 10 using Bootcamp, so when I need Windows, it’s right there.

I also love Macs because they come close to a Linux development environment. Being derived from BSD, they have a built-in terminal, and many of the utilities you know and love on Linux just work out of the box.

I still can’t believe Windows doesn’t have a better built-in shell. Please don’t reply in the comments with “PowerShell”. Even it doesn’t come close to the capabilities of a unix terminal.

Being a “command line guy” I can’t live without the shell.

1 Big Reason to Choose ITerm 2 Over the Builtin Terminal


I use ITerm instead of the builtin Mac Terminal.


Because it lets me split screens vertically, easily, without the use of Screen or some other utility.

I also have keyboard shortcuts to go left and right easily.

What tools do you use?

Photo Credit: Edd Morgan