I specialize in software development, hardware, productivity, entrepreneurship, and motivation.

My Resume:

  • Current Projects
    • Currently an engineering manager with the SketchUp web team.
      • HTML5, WebGL, Google Closure, Typescript, Java Back-end with Redis
  • Past Projects
    • Boxuno.com
      • HTML5 IMAP offline email client in the browser. Integrates chat, Facebook messaging and offline mail all into a single inbox.
        • Several novel features like offline mail storage, drag to select mail.
        • ~30K lines of JavaScript with Google Closure. JQuery.
        • IndexedDB, LocalStorage, Application Cache
        • Async IO backend with Python (Tornado) and MongoDB
    • Monolla.com
      • Portable Display technology for placement in restaurants and bars.
      • Used custom Android firmware running on Barnes & Noble Nooks to connect to the internet and display custom messages.
        • Customized Android firmware and Apps to pull down images and display them.
          • Optimized for battery life.
        • Python (Django) /MySQL back-end
      • Ran in ~30 restaurants in Boulder and NYC.
    • Google
      • Google+
        • Lead developer for an internal project to surface user information to our legal department for use in search warrants.
      • Chrome
        • Developer on internal tools to help automate website testing.
      • Webmaster Tools
        • Head of QA, Software Engineer in Test. Developed large scale testing frameworks and managed all releases.
  • Graduated from Washington University in St Louis
  • Worked for the Applied Research Lab on Virtualized Routers

I’m a huge fan of

  • Anything fitness related.
  • Reading
  • Technology
  • Dogs.

That’s my story. What’s yours? I answer all of my email, and I’d love to hear from you.  Say Hi Now!.